Friday, May 9, 2008

My Happy Little Garden

Last Tuesday my mom had gotten flowers at a "hay sale" (isn't that funny?) So anyway...
I picked out the flowers that I wanted, pink and white was the color pattern. And I worked on my own garden "Chelsea's Garden" to be exact. I removed sod (and TONS of roots),
I planted the pretty lil' flowers (and some big ones),

I watered them, and then did the mulch. I'll tell you what... my back hurt like never before on Wednesday night! But I think my happy little garden was worth it, wouldn't you?

Monday, May 5, 2008

The Return..... of my Daddy!

Yes... my Daddy came home Saturday evening and we had a very nice chicken salad for dinner. Then we went outside and had a fun family time together. My brothers, my Dad, and I threw the football around. We had a great time, though Mikey kept jumping in front of me whenever I was going to catch the ball... THAT was annoying! Then Daddy stopped playing so we all did. I went inside and filled some water balloons and brought them out and let the dogs play with (and pop) them. The funniest part, of course, was when it would pop on Kimmy's nose and she would jump back! HAHA!

So... now we will be able to enjoy all of us being together again. After 3 weeks!

Til Later,