Monday, March 31, 2008

A Celebration

Yesterday we had a ton of people from our church at our house,
it was crowded but fun. The reason everybody was over was because we were celebrating my brother, Jonathan's birthday... and he wanted his birthday dinner to be basically another Thanksgiving dinner SO we had.......

Turkey, mashed potatoes, salad, corn, stuffing.... oh it was yummy.
Oh, and we had an interesting desert with peanut butter cookie stuff on the bottom brownies in the middle and cheesecake stuff on top served with or without ice cream.

Jonathan got a Shrek 3 chess game, which I can imagine I will be losing later...(but I always do anyway, so it's good) we always play chess every time we go to the library... and Jonathan's good, really good.

Til Later,

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Funny Pictures

I was looking for some pictures for a funny post I was going to do but I couldn't find the picture I wanted so I just put a lot of funny pictures together!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Happy Belated Easter

Hi, sorry I have not written for a while.
Happy late Easter!!!
I had a nice easter with my family and church.
Easter sunday our church had it's first ever sunrise service, which was really nice (and cold) here's how my Easter day went for me.

At 5:40AM I got woken up:( and got out of bed and got ready for church... the normal, except a WHOLE lot earlier!!!
Eventually we got our stuff and left, but the sun was beating us, and me and my mom said "no, sun don't come up yet!!!" when we got to the building at the park we unloaded and got things ready and said hi to people as they came in.
At 7:00AM we went up to the lake at the park and had our little sunrise service,

we sang a song listened to someone read a verse, and had a prayer then we went back inside the building and warmed up and got breakfast ready, that was the cool part we made breakfast there and ate it there and then had sunday school which was interesting. My sunday school teacher and I didn't have our little sunday school thing we usually try to do, we were just in there so I was in the adults sunday school (which isn't unusual lately). THEN we had our worship service and then we cleaned up and came home and ate HAM and CORN and mashed potato's (don't ask about the capitalized words please) we ate it at my Grandma's and then we came home, went on a walk, and later we watched movies.

that is how my Easter was!

Til Later,

Thursday, March 20, 2008


I found pictures of my friends and I today and I thought what I did to them was pretty cool, I made their backrounds white.

anyway I just kinda thought that was cool.

Til Later,

Saturday, March 15, 2008

So Much Better!!!

I'm feeling a whole lot better after getting over that horrible flu which I caught anyway even though I had really hoped I wouldn't. It came in and made itself at home!!! which stinks if you know what I mean. I saw soooo many episodes of SpongeBob I thought I would explode!!!

But anyway...
The weather is still pretty nice, It's a little chilly right now but I was out there.
I was on my pogo stick, which I fell off because I havn't jumped on it since last fall!!! Hopefully I'll get back into it and not fall every time I try! It is pretty windy out there though, it could have blown me over.

Today my Mom, my Dad, and I went out for Brunch I guess you could call it.
It was yummy, I had really strange plates of things but anyway...
after that we went to The Home Depot (BLAH!) and got something for Jonathan's room.
And then we came home, and now we're here.

Til Later,

Thursday, March 6, 2008

sickness, sickness, everywhere!!!

wow, I never thought so many people could have a bad cough at one time!
SO many people have it, but I don't........yet.
Hopefully I won't catch it.
but until I do, if I do,
I'll just pray for the people who do have it!

Now it has stopped us from going to co-op today and that really makes me sad!
But I hope that everyone will be better by next week so that we can go then!

Til Later,

Monday, March 3, 2008

Could it Be???

Our weather today is soooo beautiful!!!

I've missed that since the first cold day! Sure, I like the snow and stuff... But not nearly as much as spring and summer (summer especially) when I went out to get the mail I was like "Wow!" I took off my coat and ran (as fast as I could) to the mailbox, then back to the house. I took my coat inside gave my mom the mail, but then I was outside again, skipping rope and jumping on the pogo stick.

I haven't been outside without a coat for a long time,

and it felt soooo good!

you gotta love spring! (I know, it's not spring yet... but it will be soon and I'll be right here waiting for it!)

Til later,


Our Spring Mascot, Chloe the Ladybug!