Saturday, April 26, 2008

A Closer Look at "Chloe the Diva"

So on my mom's blog you may have seen her post "Chloe the Diva" well... SHE didn't show you how cool it REALLY is or all it's neat features.

Like these...

Here is a neat little pocket to hold treats, toys, ect.

And here is the inside...

And a nice little hook to keep her inside...

Put it all together and you get...The complete adorable doggie carrying bag.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Where do I Start...?

OKAY, since I have not written in a while... I have to start from last Thursday evening, When I went with my Grandma and friend to a fashion show nearby that was raising money for a local thrift shop (that I really like...NOW) it was very fun and entertaining! We had a good time, and they gave out door prizes and I actually won one... I got a gift Certificate to the store that they were doing it for...YAY.

So when I came home our friend, Shelley had arrived from State College to stay for the weekend, so I sat while my Mom and Shelley talked and occasionally I threw in a comment or two, then my brother Mikey came up to say, "Hi!" to her and then the three of us started talking (while my mom was down stairs or something) about movies and other things. We had a nice night, and decided we would go to "Jen's Pottery Den" (a cute little Pottery place) in the morning so we did go... (all of us but Mikey, who had to work) We had an excellent time then and the whole time she was here and we made sure she will be coming back again before next year. We were so sad to see her leave Sunday but we had to say goodbye.

SO, Today was bowling... just the usual.
nothing special but then My friend Kristen and I went to another little girls house and played with her, we had a good time playing all sorts of different games.

so... that's what I've been up to lately.

Til Later,

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Gone Again

My dad is off to Branson, Missouri again for work only he's gone for 2 weeks this time. But we plan to do fun things... like our friend is going to come and be with us for awhile. And I might get to play with my friends, and it will just be great!
Though, of course we WILL miss our dad, but he's going to email us and send us pictures and call us so we will be well in touch with him.

Today is bowling day and we will see our friends again.
After my friend and I bowl sometimes we do madlibs or we just chat until our moms are done bowling (which can tend to be awhile)

that's basiccaly what we're going to do this week and next week, I mean that's not ALL, but it's all I could think of at the moment.

Til later,

Friday, April 11, 2008

I was just outside.....

The weather is beautiful! And Chloe was out with me, so I took pictures of her, it's adorable! She wasn't cooperating very well though so it took awhile, but I got some nice ones. It was just fun being out there, roller blading running just lovely outside.

look at these...

Til Later,

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

We Remember Sally

You've seen many pictures of Chloe and Kimmy, our dogs that we got last year, but I don't think you know about Sally yet, do you? Sally was our loving, wonderful, all around great dog! She was the one we had before Kimmy and Chloe. Our whole family loved her SO much. She was one of those 1# dogs that rarely come around (though, I have to say Chloe's getting there) but, Chloe hasn't reached the Sally level yet.
Sally was a Siberian Husky, and she was adorable. We got her one day a LONG time ago when we were going to pick up my brother from our grandparents house when we stopped at "Pet Smart" to get cat food, as we walked through the door there were a TON of dogs and I saw many I liked but we saw Sally and asked if we could take her out on a walk (I was little so I don't remember all the details) but anyway we loved her the day we met her and we never even got the cat food, just Sally. As you can imagine my brother Mikey was very surprised that day when we showed up with a dog.
(And he hadn't been happy that day because he had gone to McDonald's and the people gave him a girls toy or something like that). SO that day we were very happy that day and we were most of the time we had her she was a wonderful dog!

These pictures all show her tied even though she really lived inside with us...if she was out, though, she had to be tied because she loved to run away for a few days!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

When good puppy's go bad...

Sometimes you just have to wonder if your puppy is good?...

...or bad.


Til Later,