Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fun Cooking

Yesterday I decided I wanted to have an egg salad sandwich for lunch, so while I boiled the eggs, I cleaned the kitchen.

I used my new hard-boiled egg slicer to, what else? Slice the egg. It was fun to use!

The yummy egg all sliced up.

The things that I added to make it yummy.

yum yum!

Til' Later,

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


This was my first year of growing cucumbers, and I was really excited to see them growing. Now I've picked the first 2! I'm so happy!

Here they are!



Saturday, July 25, 2009

Thinking on Saturday... again.

Last week I started doing the "thinking on Saturday" posts. My mom at Hospitality Lane is doing it too, so be sure to check hers out!

I'm not thinking much on this Saturday, but what I have been thinking, I'll share with you.

1. Right now I'm hungry... hoping breakfast comes soon!

2. My cucumbers and other veggies are finally getting bigger. The cucumbers are getting more round! Yes! So much better than skinny little things.

3. I should finish painting my model rocket soon. Where is the sand paper so that I can sand it down? Then put the ladybug design on it, then send it up into the sky!

See? My brain must be temporarily shut down :)
I should hope it gets running again soon!

Til' Later,

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Art and Yummy Food!

Yesterday we went to the Library. Because I like to make cards and to scrapbook, I have been wanting to get idea's for creative lettering. So I got a really neat book on it, the book is filled with idea's, but I've been doing my own lettering and then just using the idea's from the book for filling them in.

Yesterday I also made these yummy treats.
It is green peppers, tomato's, and mozzarella cheese on top of a french baguette cut into flat pieces like you see here. Before we put the toppings on, we spread a mixture of Olive Oil, Garlic, Sea Salt, and Dried Basil Leaves on the pieces of bread. After the oil and toppings were put on, we ground pepper on top of each one, and then broiled them for only a few minutes, when the cheese was melted we took them out and they taste so good!

Don't they look good? They are!
If you've never made these before, you should!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Thinking on Saturday...

If you read my mom's blog, Hospitality Lane, you may have seen some "Thinking on Saturday" posts. She invited anyone to join her in this little party thing. I'd like to, but mine will most likely be different.

Things I have thought (or maybe said) today,

1. Chloe stop licking my face... Oh, wait she has to go outside.

2. OH NO!!! Eggs, please don't burn!

3. This bacon is AMAZING!

4. Jonathan, give me the remote, I don't like this one! It's too sad!


Okay, most of those things are things I said, so what is on my mind?

Mikey has been really tired... poor him!
I kind of know what that's like. He has
been working so hard at Longwood Gardens,
But he loves it!

What am I going to do today?
Ride my new bike? Play inside?
Read? Write? Take Chloe on a walk?
There are options but I do that stuff
All the time.

My hair is finally behaving, uh-oh!
That could mean it will be messy tomorrow!

I really don't have too much on my mind.
Unfortunately, that makes for a boring post. sorry!


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Summer Photography

A happy kitty enjoys summer.

I hadn't even noticed these cucumbers, but there are 3 little ones like this! I don't like how skinny they are! I hope they get a little more round, and soon!

I love these candy striped petunia's.

Isn't this a really neat picture? I've found that using a fun angle puts a whole different perspective on pictures!

Very colorful!

Just for fun!

my peppers are getting bigger! Yes!

The biggest tomato I have, so far. It is about the size of a golf ball.


That is all for now everyone! I hope you had a nice visit!

Til' Later,

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I am now 14!

July 6th was my birthday but we celebrated the whole week (I made sure of that, haha).
There was lots of good food, presents (YAY!), and fireworks. I love having my birthday that week, by the way.
But shall we go back to the presents?

These little Egg themed kitchen tools are adorable!I got 3 new things for my collection.
In my whole collection I have...
An egg-making pan, this works excellently for it's purpose. I love to make breakfast using this. A new egg cutting board, an egg whisk (perfect for making scrambled eggs), An egg "Toast-Grabber", a new egg timer, and a new egg slicer.
I love my egg collection. :)

I am sorry this picture is blurry. It is a cute necklace that my Grandma Georgia got for me in Florida. It reminds me of our trip to Florida! Love it!

Here is a close up.

A cute denim purse.

And here it is...
The lovely new bike! I love it!
I had needed one for sooo long!

It's purple, my favorite color.

I have been riding this a lot since I got it. It's so fun. It has many gears which I am learning how to use.

I also want to thank my Aunt and Uncle for the beautiful flowers that I was so surprised to receive. They smell absolutely lovely! And of course, look gorgeous. I love the bright colors! Thanks again!

Til Later,

Thursday, July 2, 2009

My goodness things are growing!

Only a week or two ago, I showed you vegetables that I had just planted. Well, now they're getting big! And I want to show you the improvement.

Cucumbers... This is my first year growing them and I am so excited.

A close up on the beginnings of a cucumber.

Green Peppers, I LOVE growing them! They are so interesting to watch as they grow!

A close up on a tiny pepper.

The tomato's are in front, they are also intersting to watch.

Tomato close up.

And that's the update!