Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I wish I could see your face right now...

Okay I know you've seen this one before but I like it... :-)

Til' Later,

Monday, August 16, 2010

BIG week!

Hello! I'm very sorry for not writing for a while but we've been pretty busy! I will give details.... now.
Last Sunday we (my Grandma's, Jonathan, and I) headed off to stay with my aunt and uncle and while we were there we went with some good friends of ours on their boat for a day! Fun stuff! SO here's a bunch of pictures from that trip.
We got home on Tuesday and rested well after that big adventure and on Friday My dad took us kids to Purple Door, our favorite music festival.
This is Jonathan with the drummer from his favorite band, The Classic Crime.

Mikey and I were excited!
I couldn't see very well so I just took a picture of the big screen, I think that worked pretty well, don't you? ;)
On Saturday we our friends came for the second day of the festival.
Jonathan got this mask, Thousand Foot Krutch was selling them to go with the "Welcome to the Masquerade" theme (that's their latest album)
Seabird was really good, we got front row seats! Except... we weren't sitting...
It was cloudy, but that was actually really wonderful because it wasn't so desperately hot as it tends to be... every year...
SO! It was a very busy week, but a very fun one!

Til Later!

Monday, August 2, 2010


There is an awesome car for sale along a road that we go on regularly, so we keep passing it, and I LOVE it! It's sooooo cute! So recently, my mom, dad, and I have been going out for coffee on Saturday evenings, and so when we went this past Saturday I asked if we could stop and look at it, and we did! My mom got pictures...
Me, pleading for my car :)
Come on, though! Is it not incredibly cute? I love this car!

Okay and on a different note (a REALLY different note...)
We had a meal on Sunday after church and I wanted to try something I've never tried before,and so I made a chocolate mousse torte. I figured, how can you possibly go wrong with chocolate mousse anything? It's mystery to me :) 
It turned out well and disappeared fast! :)

Til' Later!