Monday, December 3, 2007

No more leaves!

The other day, we went outside and burned leaves. I made a really big pile of leaves. Because we have a lot of tree's we have more than a lot of leaves.

Now my big pile of leaves is brother, Jonathan rolled in it with the dogs... after that we gathered it up, put it on the tarp, and after a few trips to the fire, the pile was no longer existent.

Hopefully now that winter is coming here, the leaves we didn't get will blow away.

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Thanksgiving is tomorrow?! Whoa! That came fast... I'm really excited, I have LOTS of things to be thankful for! Isn't it a great holiday? I love it!

I am thankful for.......

1. My great family:)
I love our family, even though I don't think my brothers think about things before they say them, but then again... I could work on that too. But my parents are the best! And my brothers too...I guess. And I love my Grandma's ALOT, even more than alot!

2. My awesome friends!
My friends are so great and supportive! I don't know what I'd do without them.
(I'd probably die of boredom, or something like that) They're awsome, and I'm glad they always put up with me (no matter what!)

3. Our cool house
in our nice little neighborhood.

4. Our pets
Chloe always puts me in a better mood, she's something to talk to, she always listens (even though she can't understand a thing I say)

5. Being homeschooled
Even though everything keeps getting harder there are always little things we can do to not make it so overboared. Like drawing pictures and playing "Little games" and doing special stuff with the Grandma's, like cooking,sewing, and other stuff like that, that's why I'm thankful for it.

You should think of 5 things or lots more that you're thankful for this Thanksgiving, I know there's lots more I'm thankful for but it would take a really long time for me to type them all.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Friday, November 16, 2007

Chapter 3

Don't worry, I'm not going to write a whole book with nothing else in between chapters. My next post will be something different before I write another chapter.

Chapter 3
When the two girls woke up, they decided what to have for breakfast, it took awhile but they finally settled on eggs, bacon, and toast (because that was about all Paige could make for breakfast)
“Unless you want cereal” Paige had said while they were deciding. “No thanks” Julia had said.
“What time are you supposed to be home?” Paige asked as they were eating.
“No time limit, they said they’d call when they wanted me home” said Julia
“Cool” said Paige.
“Are you done?” Paige asked
“ummm… yeah” said Julia “are you sure Paige asked
“Yup” was Julia’s happy answer

A little later Brooke called, she wanted to know if Julia and Paige could go up to her house, they checked to make sure they could and then they told Brooke that they’d be up in a few minutes. They walked up the big hill to Brooke’s house after waiting for the rain to calm down a little. When they got there they knocked on the door and Brooke opened it quickly. “Hi!” Julia and Paige said “hi!” said Brooke. They went inside and worked on stuff for Friends of Faith.
Then they went downstairs and played dolls. After that they did makeovers, while Paige got her makeover, Julia looked out the window and said “it’s raining again…really hard” then she smiled and said “cool!” they all laughed and played some more. Soon Julia had to leave, and so did Paige, so they called their parents to pick them up. When Paige walked into the house Jon looked at her and said “why is she back?” There was no answer so he just went back downstairs to watch his Saturday cartoons. Paige went into her room and drew a picture of a pretty garden then she got a book and read for awhile, but then she got a phone call…it was Hope.
“Hi!” said Paige
“Hi” said Hope
“Is something wrong?” Paige asked
“Kind of, I really need a date for the next meeting” said Hope
“Oh, when are you available next month?” asked Paige
“December 13” said Hope
“Okay, let me check with everyone else, then I’ll call you back okay?” said Paige
“Sure” said Hope
“See ya” Paige said happily
“Bye” said Hope.

thanks for reading.

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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Story - Chapter 2

For Chapter One, Scroll Down...

Chapter 2

About an hour later the three girls got tired of Monopoly, and Brooke had to leave anyway… she called her mom, so that she wouldn’t have to walk up to her house in the rain. When her mom came to pick her up they all said their goodbyes and she left, which meant that Paige and Julia were left with nothing to do but talk about what they wanted to do.

“I’m bored” said Paige “okay, that’s like the millionth time you’ve said that!” said Julia “yeah, and that’s like, the millionth time you’ve exaggerated about it” said Paige.

“Do you want to make cookies?” Paige changed the subject. “What kind?” asked Julia “chocolate chip” said Paige “then yes, I would like that very much” said Julia. “You don’t care about making them you just want to eat them!” said Paige “so what?” said Julia “come on let’s go” said Paige.

A half hour later the cookies went into the oven, and pretty soon the house smelled good.

“What smells good?” said Jon investigating the smell, by now his weird show was over and he and Mike were downstairs playing video games. So Paige and Julia had taken complete control of the TV. They watched home makeover shows until the cookies were done. Then they happily munched away, 2 for each of them, with a glass of milk close by. Jon came by again, and took the biggest cookie. Paige just mumbled “isn’t that just like him” Julia giggled. “Do you have any cupcake mix?” asked Julia “are you kidding? Those cookies were big, you’ll survive.

“Let’s get into our pajamas!” said Julia “yeah!” said Paige. Julia got into her butterfly PJ’s in Paige’s room, while Paige got her animal print ones on in the bathroom. Then they had a pajama fashion show (Julia won) and then they pulled out a movie, they watched half of it before Paige’s mom told them to turn it off and go to bed, she told them they could whisper to each other until 10:00 PM which was fifteen minutes. They got themselves settled on the living room floor after an endless fight for Paige’s bed, which obviously neither of them got to sleep on anyway. After their fifteen minutes of giggling they finally went to sleep.

Monday, November 12, 2007

My Book

I love to write stories, just as much as I like to read them, so here's the first chapter of one of them. It's a story for Friends of Faith that I'm writing. My character is Paige...

Chapter 1
Twelve year old Paige Lavonte looked up at a cloud filled sky and said “it’s gonna pour…we better go inside” to her friend Brooke Arland “Yeah, let’s go” said Brooke. The two girls ran into Paige’s house where Paige’s two brothers were lazily watching TV. “What are you watching?”
Said Paige “What’s it matter to you?” said Paige’s 16 year old brother, Jon. “Just curious” said Paige. Paige and her family had moved from Paris to Pennsylvania 5 years ago, and were just starting to get rid of their accents. “Go play house or something” said Paige’s other brother, Michael (but everyone called him Mike)
“House is for like, two year olds!” said Paige “yeah!” said Brooke “I know, that’s why I suggested it, it seems to fit your age” said Mike. “That’s so funny I forgot to laugh” Paige said sarcastically before she and Brooke ran down the steps into the family room/computer and game room. Paige and Brooke went into the ‘game’ side of the big room and hopped on to the computer which sat next to an air hockey table which was covered in Jon’s board game. Brooke walked to the corner closest to the air hockey table and punched the big punching bag that was hanging there.

Paige looked at her email and saw a message from one of her friends that said

Hey Paige,
What’s happening with Friends of Faith lately?
I Haven’t seen the newsletter in weeks! How am I supposed to know when the next meeting is?
See ya,

Paige, Brooke, and four other girls had their own group called “The Friends of Faith” Each month they would elect a new group President and the President always thought of when and where the next group meeting should be (the meetings were usually sleepovers, so they didn’t happen that much) The President would also send out an email to all the girls which was their ‘newsletter’
The newsletter usually said what was new, it talked about their website and what was new on there, and it was also where they would say the time of the next meetings. And it was Paige’s turn to write the newsletter but she was really busy that month. Paige turned to the key board and grabbed the mouse then clicked the ‘Reply’ button. Then she looked at the key board again and wrote:

Sorry, Hope… I’ve been extremely busy lately!
Brooke and I will get that ready, okay?
When are you available for a sleepover/meeting?

Email me soon so I can set the date for the next meeting.

See ya,

Paige looked over to the punching bag where Brooke was still punching away. “Come here we have to do the newsletter” said
Paige “Ohhhhhh… ok” was Brooke’s less than enthusiastic answer. After about an hour they finished it, everything except the date of the next meeting was on there, at that spot, they just had a little note that said “we’ll get back to you on this.”

They sent it, to everyone. Hopefully they hadn’t made any mistakes. Just after that a car pulled into the drive way, by now it was pouring outside, about 30 seconds later the doorbell rang and the two girls ran to the door, when they got there, and opened the door and saw another member of the Friends of Faith, her name was Julia, “Hi!” said Paige “Hi” said Julia “You’re early” said Paige she had been expecting Julia to come over, but not this early. She was going to spend the night at Paige’s because her parents were going somewhere.
“My parents had to leave early” said Julia “what do you two want to do?” Paige asked Brooke and Julia “do you want to play Monopoly?” asked Paige “YEAH!” was both of their reply’s.

Watch for more of this story coming soon...

Friday, November 9, 2007

Welcome to My Room!

Welcome to my room, it's my little spot where I can do MY little things, I can read, play dolls, draw, all that stuff and who knows what else.

I made my picture on my door, I always do, that one is a more recent one I get tired of old ones and make new ones alot. So you got to see the latest.

That's my violin...I took lessons for a year, maybe 2 years ago or something like that, but then stuff happened and I had to stop, I want to start again though.

I think sitting down with a good book and hot chocolate in the fall is totally cool, 'cause it gets really cold and it's not so nice to play outside anymore, but it's usually nice so my brothers, some friends, and I sometimes play football, tee-hee. I'm getting better at it YAY!
But anyway, I do most of my reading at night, I like to keep a pile of books by my bed so I can just reach down and get one...whenever.

I have lots of different parts of me in my room, my bed is mostly my... pretty, girly, pink, and fuzzy(haha)...part of my room! And comfy too.

This is my little corner, to crochet, read (I do alot of reading), write, and sleep when I have sleepovers and I let my friend sleep on the bed(tee-hee).

My boom box, mostly stories on CD are usually coming from it, but sometimes my friends and I turn on some music on to dance, or do makeovers and stuff (it's a good thing my friends like my music) but if for some reason they didn't like a CD I put in, we always have the radio too.

well, did you like my room? I hope so!

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Friday, October 12, 2007

My new hobby

It's not like I didn't have other hobbies, I just didn't have many... I guess you could say it that way, THEN the weather got cold AND in the Jane Austen class at co-op, every one's allowed to bring some knitting or crocheting and stuff, so I wanted to do that, BUT I couldn't find my crocheting hook, after a two day search (or something like that) I finally found it, stuck in a thing of purple yarn, so I was so eager I just started crocheting and kept doing on and off all day, and yesterday I finished a scarf, the best one I think I've ever done. I might be the only one who thinks it's "just great" but you wait I've already started a new project, and I still have Lot's of idea's to come.

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Monday, September 24, 2007


On Thursday Co-op started! I just entered the 7ups (7th graders and up)
And I LOVE it! I got to pick all three of my classes, and I always see all my friends, it's great!
One of my classes is about Jane Austen's "Pride and Prejudice" We (most of the girls in the class) went to our teacher's house and watched the 6 hour mini series, I thought that was great so now I want to own the movie for myself.
I also like my other two classes, Choir, and Scrapbooking.
They're all fun, so I can't wait to go back on Thursday. I always have so much fun, I enjoy it alot!

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Adventures in Williamsburg!

We had the best time in Williamsburg (or at least I did)! I wore the dress that I made with my Grandma. Our friends from co-op wore theirs too! They looked so pretty!
We saw an interesting little show, thing. It was cool, it was sort of a debate between a ton of different people.

We also went to the beach, and THAT was really fun!

It was chilly but we had a good time (until my mom got cold, then we left, which made me sad)

Another cool place we went was the Living Museum, I LOVE that place! There are all sorts of animals and stuff.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Our family is going on another vacation, we're leaving on Sunday. We are going to Williamsburg, Virginia... My Grandma and I have been working on a dress, it is green with two pieces of lace spread out a little bit in the middle of the top of the dress, in between the two pieces of lace there are four buttons! It's so pretty! We're going to Williamsburg for a home school day but we're going to be there for 2 whole days and two halves, I guess. I KNOW it will be fun, every time we go there I love it. We didn't really go on any vacations this summer so I suppose that's why we're going on two now. I certainly don't mind! When we're in Williamsburg we plan to go to a beach, and two museum's I really like going to all of those places (which of course means that I've been to those places before) but, hey why not go again if I like it that much?, our whole family does!
We will come back on Wednesday so that we can be there on Thursday when co-op (home school group) starts. I can't wait for that either, I love to see all my friends there every Thursday (for ten weeks, that is) I alway's have fun at co-op with my friends, though... because I moved up from 4th-6th Grade classes to 7th and up I won't get to be with ALL of my friends. Oh well, I'll still have fun with the ones that moved up with me (though I will miss all my other friends too)

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Friday, September 7, 2007


We just went on vacation to the mountains where we stayed at a cabin that our family likes to go to. We had bunches of fun together! We went on a really long walk (which made us all including the dogs, very tired) and we went shopping, we went to really neat place and launched model rockets and looked at stars after that, we (My brother and I) played in the creek that's in the back of the cabin, and my brothers and I chopped wood and my brother built a fire. I had a great time and I can't wait to go back (though, I don't know when that is)

One day there while I was playing in the creek (with our chihuahua, Chloe) I noticed that
her paws were really dirty so I said,
"Your paws are SO dirty!"

But when I looked over I saw my brother looking at the dog and agreeing with me (or something like that) "here let me fix that" said my brother so he picked up Chloe and walked to the deep part of the creek, so I followed him, "okay Chloe one, two, Three--" he said
waving Chloe over the the water each time he said a number.. which of course meant he was going to throw her in. "WAIT!" I said "let me clean her off it's not like she needs to be dunked, it's just her paws!"
"okay but you have to drop her in" said my brother
"fine" I said. Of course I didn't drop Chloe in so after I handed her back to my brother
to take her and put her in a towel I turned around to head back to where I was playing in the creek I heard a huge "S-P-L-A-S-H" I turned around to see a very wet little chihuahua who could thankfully swim, and said "poor little baby" and well, I said that about a hundred times from there so you get the idea of how mad I was at my brother.

Chelsea K.

Monday, August 20, 2007


We started school last week, I have a different starting date than all the other kids because I'm home-schooled. I've been enjoying it so far...I like learning French and I also like spelling, but math...BLAH! I mean it's okay this year but it's going to get harder I'm sure. I really like to do French it's something that I'm good at, and it's something that I can enjoy too.
Soon we'll be going back to home-school group and I'll be able to see my friends again. I always have fun at co-op!


Chelsea K.

Friday, August 10, 2007

A trip to Hershey Park

Yesterday my friends and Their friends took me to Hershey Park,and it rained a little...okay maybe alot, but that certainly didn't ruin My day, maybe other people's, but not mine. We had a great time and we rode rides, we got wet...soaked. But hey, what's to not like about getting wet? That's one of the reasons we's not the way we expected to get wet, but it's the way it happened. We went on lots of fun rides...well they were all fun, all the ones that I went on were fun anyway...there were some other ones that looked fun but the rain kind of stopped us from going on them, but we went to Chocolate world and went on the tour, and then we went to the gift shop, and then we got kind of dried off in the car on the way home, I'd tried calling home a couple times, but the line was busy (it didn't even come to my mind to try to call the cell phone...oops)
but eventually my mom picked up and I told her we were on our way back, and that I had a good time.

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Thursday, August 2, 2007

A Week Without Siblings

This week has been the best!
Since both my brothers are gone at camp I've been having non-stop fun with my parents! We've been doing lots of things together and most of them are really fun! I always look forward to this week every year because I know it will just be my parents and I. My friends and I have been having fun too, without my brothers here we can have more fun without being teased...unfortunately the boys are coming back on Saturday, but I'd get tired of this 'peacefulness' eventually so they have to come back some time!

Sunday, July 29, 2007


We have been dog sitting our neighbors dog since Saturday morning, and they have a pool, so yesterday we let their dog out to the back yard while we went swimming, and we had a GREAT time, I like their dog a lot and I love to swim! then yesterday evening we went back and swam with the pool lights on, but when I let my brother use my goggles...he wasn't giving them back, so I said "give me my goggles NOW" about a hundred times, and he still wouldn't give them back (not like that's a surprise or anything) but it drove me C-R-A-Z-Y!
Today we took the boys to camp for the week so I won't be experiencing anything like this for awhile. I always like this time of year when they go to camp so that I can have a good time with my parents.

I've had a great time with the neighbor's dog, because like I said, I really like her.

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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

It's About friends theme song!

Today one of my friends and I thought of a theme song for "Friends Of Faith" it has the same tune as "The Adams Family" theme song

here's our Theme song:

We're Friendly and we're Faithful,
We're Really not that Graceful,
Our friendships last forever,

We play around like bunnies,
We like to think we're funny,
We're happy and we're Jumpy,

Our hair is smooth and shiny,
our friendship isn't tiny,
Our lines are always ryming,

Why are we still singing?
My ears are really ringing!
Would someone stop the Stinging,

I personally really like it, and I hope you do too!
We'll still probably work on it but hey, we have a good start, right?

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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Another Night of VBS

Tonight's VBS went really well too.
Everyone had a good time though, one of my good friends couldn't go...but my other friend did. I always have fun at VBS! We continued on our craft putting ribbon on them to make it look REALLY cool! We didn't have a game tonight, but it was still fun! we watched the puppet show (which was really funny!) We sang songs, ate our snack.

Tonight's Fruit of the spirit was J-O-Y! and strawberries were the example and snack.

I'm happy that most of the kids from our neighborhood are coming! I think they really enjoy it too!

We learned that JOY is a thoughtful way of saying

put Jesus first
put Others second
put Yourself last.

cool, huh?
I certainly think so!

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Monday, July 23, 2007


We went to vacation bible school earlier, and it was G-R-E-A-T! We had a lesson, a craft, a game, and a snack! My friends and I especially enjoyed frisbee for the much that we played it again when VBS was over for the night and everyone was cleaning up. we're doing a multiple-day craft which is a nice little bulletin board, we got to choose our fabrics and everything! It will be very cool when it's done. The theme is "The fruits of the spirit". Tonight's fruit was LOVE and the snack and example was an apple. I really enjoyed the game, I hope we do another really fun one next!

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You are what you eat

Today we went grocery shopping (which is something that needs to be done A LOT in our house!) We got lots of different kinds of things, including stuff to make one of my latest favorite foods, TACO'S! We found lots of things that I like...Fried chicken, cookies, to bad we didn't get salad (I LOVE salad). We didn't get watermelon either...oh well. My mom was acting really happy...though I don't know why. While we were checking out, another mother and daughter came up in line behind us and started putting their stuff on the counter thing because we were almost done my mom got confused when she saw the other peoples milk and said "Is that our milk?" after it was confirmed that our milk was already in the cart we started to leave but the bagging man stopped us and gave us our meat, after that we headed out to the van and started loading things up the bagging man came out and said "Here's your ice cream" while giving my mom the bag with our ice cream in it, "I'll just wait here until you're done loading so that I can take your cart, okay?" said the man. We finally got home (hopefully, with all of the things we bought) we unloaded and went inside and I ate my fried chicken.

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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Its About Friends

It's about Friends with us!

We're 5 girls that are always having fun! (when we're together, that is)
you might want to know how we came up with our group, huh?
My two friends and I had tried to have many different types of groups before, we had tried Dancing, Making movies, and a ton of different things before those! But then we came up with a whole new idea!
it was called "Gods Girlz" standing for

But then after some adjustments we became the "Friends Of Faith"
And we spent much time working on things for that, and we had fun meetings (no matter how many of us were there!)
Then the name changed to "it's about friends" and Ta-Da! that's what it is
(at least, for now it is)


We've done some pretty fun stuff this summer!
and not just in the group, but just my family and I!
Lately We've been going bowling almost every Tuesday with some of our friends from our home school group...yeah, I haven't mentioned that yet have I? In the fall,winter, and spring my mom home school's my two brothers and I. And we also go to an AWESOME home school group
(which is where I found most of my friends and two members of "it's about friends"!) We have lots of fun there.

Sometimes our family likes to have "Family nights" just doing stuff like playing mini golf or going out to eat or even just staying home and watching movies together! But my personal favorite is when we get
pizza, cookies, other junk foods, and movies, and then we stay a night at a hotel (But we haven't done it in like, forever!) The first time we did it was a time when we were headed somewhere for vacation and a BIG storm hit...while we were driving! so we pulled into a hotel, after awhile the storm got a little less dangerous and we went to a local pizza shop and got pizza and stuff, then we rented movies and back to the hotel we went! We had a great time that night, and so it became one of my favorite things to do!
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