Monday, September 24, 2007


On Thursday Co-op started! I just entered the 7ups (7th graders and up)
And I LOVE it! I got to pick all three of my classes, and I always see all my friends, it's great!
One of my classes is about Jane Austen's "Pride and Prejudice" We (most of the girls in the class) went to our teacher's house and watched the 6 hour mini series, I thought that was great so now I want to own the movie for myself.
I also like my other two classes, Choir, and Scrapbooking.
They're all fun, so I can't wait to go back on Thursday. I always have so much fun, I enjoy it alot!

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Chelsea K.

Adventures in Williamsburg!

We had the best time in Williamsburg (or at least I did)! I wore the dress that I made with my Grandma. Our friends from co-op wore theirs too! They looked so pretty!
We saw an interesting little show, thing. It was cool, it was sort of a debate between a ton of different people.

We also went to the beach, and THAT was really fun!

It was chilly but we had a good time (until my mom got cold, then we left, which made me sad)

Another cool place we went was the Living Museum, I LOVE that place! There are all sorts of animals and stuff.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Our family is going on another vacation, we're leaving on Sunday. We are going to Williamsburg, Virginia... My Grandma and I have been working on a dress, it is green with two pieces of lace spread out a little bit in the middle of the top of the dress, in between the two pieces of lace there are four buttons! It's so pretty! We're going to Williamsburg for a home school day but we're going to be there for 2 whole days and two halves, I guess. I KNOW it will be fun, every time we go there I love it. We didn't really go on any vacations this summer so I suppose that's why we're going on two now. I certainly don't mind! When we're in Williamsburg we plan to go to a beach, and two museum's I really like going to all of those places (which of course means that I've been to those places before) but, hey why not go again if I like it that much?, our whole family does!
We will come back on Wednesday so that we can be there on Thursday when co-op (home school group) starts. I can't wait for that either, I love to see all my friends there every Thursday (for ten weeks, that is) I alway's have fun at co-op with my friends, though... because I moved up from 4th-6th Grade classes to 7th and up I won't get to be with ALL of my friends. Oh well, I'll still have fun with the ones that moved up with me (though I will miss all my other friends too)

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Friday, September 7, 2007


We just went on vacation to the mountains where we stayed at a cabin that our family likes to go to. We had bunches of fun together! We went on a really long walk (which made us all including the dogs, very tired) and we went shopping, we went to really neat place and launched model rockets and looked at stars after that, we (My brother and I) played in the creek that's in the back of the cabin, and my brothers and I chopped wood and my brother built a fire. I had a great time and I can't wait to go back (though, I don't know when that is)

One day there while I was playing in the creek (with our chihuahua, Chloe) I noticed that
her paws were really dirty so I said,
"Your paws are SO dirty!"

But when I looked over I saw my brother looking at the dog and agreeing with me (or something like that) "here let me fix that" said my brother so he picked up Chloe and walked to the deep part of the creek, so I followed him, "okay Chloe one, two, Three--" he said
waving Chloe over the the water each time he said a number.. which of course meant he was going to throw her in. "WAIT!" I said "let me clean her off it's not like she needs to be dunked, it's just her paws!"
"okay but you have to drop her in" said my brother
"fine" I said. Of course I didn't drop Chloe in so after I handed her back to my brother
to take her and put her in a towel I turned around to head back to where I was playing in the creek I heard a huge "S-P-L-A-S-H" I turned around to see a very wet little chihuahua who could thankfully swim, and said "poor little baby" and well, I said that about a hundred times from there so you get the idea of how mad I was at my brother.

Chelsea K.