Friday, February 29, 2008

Thanks Mrs. Deena

Thank you sooo much Mrs. Deena for supporting me and my blog
I really appreciate it!!!

I want to pass this fun award to another great person I know... Mrs. Rabe at Creekside Cottage.
She's been one of my teachers in a class I really enjoy at co-op.

Til Later!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

More baking

Last night I was baking because I could and I hadn't really done any real baking for awhile (thanks to Pillsbury Doughboy). So I made some cupcakes......they're really yummy! Though I did get a little burn (ugly little thing) and it hurt for awhile but now it doesn't hurt it just looks bad!
but I mean, I think it was worth it!

And of course after all of the cooking shows I've watched of course, I came up with
a creative way to use the extra cake batter. I made a little cake, see?

And instead of just using the regular icing,
I whipped it up with the electric mixer and it made the icing a lot fluffier!
and did you know... that when you do that you get more air and less fat in the icing? ...and makes it look pretty too!

have fun with your next
baking project thing!


Monday, February 25, 2008


At co-op this year I'm taking a class on public speaking (something I'd always dreaded) but my teacher is awesome and she makes it fun (just like my mom said she would, I have to confess). Anyway, it's not that bad, my brother, Jonathan is in this class too, and so is one of my friends. Besides it's not like I'm the only one giving speeches, the whole class has to do it.

On Thursday I'll give a demonstration speech,
I'm going to show how to make chocolates, because that's something I like and know how to do. But I still have to practice here at home so that I don't forget anything while I'm there. You know, so that I'll have a fresh idea for it.
I need some for everybody to try and I'm not going to have time to make them and let them harden there.

Til later,

Friday, February 22, 2008


It snowed here the other night, like 3 inches worth...
I haven't been out in yet (being that I'm still in pajama's)
but I'll go out later and sled with my friends later probably.

Here are a couple of pictures of our dogs enjoying the snow:


Thursday, February 21, 2008


Yesterday we made cookies, they tasted really good...
and they looked good too! there aren't many left now, though.

Here they are before we baked them...

and here they are when they were finished.


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Bowling buddies

I know if you read my mom's blog "Hospitality Lane" You've probably already seen my mom's bowling buddies, but not mine, I enjoy seeing my friends there too, of course!
I love going and seeing them and talking to them and stuff.

this is my friend, Kristen and I, we usually bowl together (lane 9 or 10, to be exact) but anyway... yeah,

This is Sarah, one of my little friends who Kristen and I play tag with after bowling (don't ask)

and finally Rachel my other little friend,
she plays tag too, (still don't ask)

well now you've seen who I see on Tuesdays.
(I see other people there too, but you know)


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

"Good" Morning

This morning my brother, Jonathan woke me up....yeah I know....ahhh.
I was sleeping really well, my big fuzzy blanket keeping me and my little dog, Chloe all warm. (I'm pretty sure Chloe was having a nice sleep too) when my door burst open and Jonathan shouted "blah, blah blah GET UP!" (I only did blah,blah,blah because I was to shocked to hear what he said before "GET UP"

Today we are going bowling with people from co-op,
(I don't know how many until we get there)
but I do know my friend, Kristen, will be coming so I'll have pictures later today or tomorrow morning...(hope that I don't sleep in and get woken up again!)


Monday, February 18, 2008

The Other Day

The other day (like, a week and a half ago) My two friends and I went to

build-a-bear workshop (you know, you go, pick a bear, stuff it... etc.)

for my friend's birthday! It was soooo much fun!

One of my friends and I got the same bear, and my other friend and her got the same outfit for their bears. It was very fun!

After Build-A-Bear we went out to lunch together,

we had sooo much fun that day! I don't think we could recreate it if we tried!

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Aloha from Chelsea


The Three steps of Valentines day!

Step one....

step two...

closer, closer... OOOOO

step three...


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Chelsea K.