Friday, August 10, 2007

A trip to Hershey Park

Yesterday my friends and Their friends took me to Hershey Park,and it rained a little...okay maybe alot, but that certainly didn't ruin My day, maybe other people's, but not mine. We had a great time and we rode rides, we got wet...soaked. But hey, what's to not like about getting wet? That's one of the reasons we's not the way we expected to get wet, but it's the way it happened. We went on lots of fun rides...well they were all fun, all the ones that I went on were fun anyway...there were some other ones that looked fun but the rain kind of stopped us from going on them, but we went to Chocolate world and went on the tour, and then we went to the gift shop, and then we got kind of dried off in the car on the way home, I'd tried calling home a couple times, but the line was busy (it didn't even come to my mind to try to call the cell phone...oops)
but eventually my mom picked up and I told her we were on our way back, and that I had a good time.

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