Friday, October 12, 2007

My new hobby

It's not like I didn't have other hobbies, I just didn't have many... I guess you could say it that way, THEN the weather got cold AND in the Jane Austen class at co-op, every one's allowed to bring some knitting or crocheting and stuff, so I wanted to do that, BUT I couldn't find my crocheting hook, after a two day search (or something like that) I finally found it, stuck in a thing of purple yarn, so I was so eager I just started crocheting and kept doing on and off all day, and yesterday I finished a scarf, the best one I think I've ever done. I might be the only one who thinks it's "just great" but you wait I've already started a new project, and I still have Lot's of idea's to come.

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Chelsea K.


Anonymous said...

Chelsea! I think your scarf is very pretty! I love the color. I tried to teach my girls to crochet once, it will be a long time until I do it again!! HA HA. They couldn't get that hand thing down!

Oh by the way, I have read Sutter's Cross also!!

Blessings, The Rabe girls Auntie Peeg!

Carrie ~ Gigi said...

Hi Chelsea~ Came along to your blog from your mom's...

The scarf is so pretty on your adorable little doggie! I know it is loved! I also liked your pics from Williamsburg...which I have gone to many fact my honeymoon was there.

Also, my daughter (now 30) was involved in a Christian program called "Campus Life" in our community...and to this day those friends she met there, she is still good friends with.

Your blog was very nice to visit.

KJ said...

Hi Chelsea!

This is my first time here. I linked to you through Beverly at Tea Time and Roses. You have a cozy little place!

My hubby is from Reading, PA., so he is very familiar with your neck of the woods. He misses the food but not the snow. California has a way of doing that, although I wish we weren't having to battle these fires!

Best Blessings,

Tea Time and Roses said...

Hi Chelsea... What a beautiful name, and I also love your scarf...just lovely! Thank you so much for your visit and kind comments to my blog. I sure hope you drop by for another visit soon... Have a fabulous week.