Friday, July 4, 2008

Stuff. Just stuff.

Lots of things have happened since my last post. A thing I did a rather long time ago was expanding my lil' garden. I still love it very much and care for it almost every day.

I also got a job, so did my brother, Jonathan... at an entertainment farm.
I had my first day last saturday doing custodial work, it was very enjoyable but I got sunburnt, kind of badly.

And then... my four friends "kidnapped" me, for a surprise birthday sleepover on Tuesday. We had a LOT of fun! We did all sorts of stuff, I did not believe them when they said they were going to take me with them I said "no you're not" but they would not give up, but they finally convinced me and the whole time I was there and to THIS DAY I cannot believe they got me!
When my mom sent me to run stuff over to my Grandma she was really packing my stuff and having Jonathan sneak it into the car. The funny thing is... my grandma was not home so I came back over before I was supposed to and Jonathan was just then putting my bag into the trunk and I walked right by him, going on my merry way. I can't believe I missed it!
They are all so tricky.

So Sunday is my birthday, I'll be 13.

so that's about all.

Til Later,

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