Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Roller Coasters

I used to hate them... only about one year ago.
And then I went on a little tiny one, and then I went on "The Lightning Racer" at Hershey Park, and from then on they got a little bit bigger every time.
So on our trip we got to go to Busch Gardens with our cousins. WE HAD A BLAST!!!
Some of our cousins -and Mikey, of course- went on a REALLY HUGE roller coaster before me... because I was saying "no way" but when they got back the all had so much fun. I didn't say anything else (other than yelling at Mikey for tricking me into thinking that he hated the huge thing)I just stared blankly and said "okay... I'm going on it" everyone cheered and of course I loved it. After I went my dad and Lee decided to go too (apparently if I can do it, anyone can) We tried to convince Jonathan to get on too... but no, never. He always spoils the fun when it comes to roller coasters. After that one, I was afraid of none other (until I see a really gigantic monster roller coaster and totally freak out) but that hasn't happened yet. I enjoyed other roller coasters without thinking twice before getting on them after that.

And here it is "The Shiekra" that's the big one that got me loving roller coasters

Here is a roller coaster at Seaworld called "The Kraken" I really liked that one too.



Shauna said...

I'm new here! What a great blog :)

Kelly said...

These coasters do look scary, but I always enjoy them too, when I decide not to be scared and just go on them.

I hope you are feeling better, Chelsea.

Songbirdtiff said...

Oh honey, I LOVE roller coasters! I like almost all carnival rides, though. I'm glad you faced your fear!

Laura said...

Oh my! Those coasters appear most frightening! It's great you faced your fears and conquered some of them. I'm not sure I would do as well. :)