Thursday, May 7, 2009

Card Making

Today we were doing productive things for school. So I decided I would like to make a pretty greeting card for someone. I had fun doing it as I always do, just look at the pictures!

You have to have lots of supplies!

including pretty paper...

In order to get the reward! What do you think?

Til' Later!


JD said...

Very nice...I like your card...I'm someone who would rather receive a home made card any day than a store bought one! (one of the reasons might be because I enjoy making cards so much myself. Good job, I would like to see more of your work...Jill

Ganeida said...

Very nice. Something handmade always seems to me to be a more thoughtful gift than something that's been mass produced & bought. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Your card is gorgeous! I love the daisies. I like making cards too, although I must admit that my room usually gets very messy in the process... But it's already a disaster area so who cares? Do you scrapbook?

(a.k.a. Karen's daughter)

Kelly said...

It's a lovely card. You are a creative young lady.