Monday, June 8, 2009

My Garden- year 2!

Hi! I am so sorry for not writing in a long time!
Anyway... so do you remember my garden LAST year?
Well, this year I've made it totally different, so enjoy!

Welcome to my flower garden!

A not close-up at all.

pretty flowers...

I had wanted a bird bath just like this and I finally got one!

A Snapdragon that is finally blooming.

This caught my eye...

And now my new little veggie garden.

We just got it started this week so, everything is still little.
This is a Green pepper plant.

Here is a tomato plant.

And finally the cucumber plant.

And that is everything. :)
I hope you enjoyed it!

Til' Later,


Anonymous said...

Your garden is really nice. I just love snapdragons, don't you? This is my second year with my own garden, too. But I think you must be in a different zone than we are, because yours is much farther along than mine. Maybe the fact that I don't have half the stuff planted hass something to do with that as well. :)

I'm going to have to check out your garden last year.


Lynn said...

Everything looks well established! You are on your way!