Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Oh, The Simple Things

This picture may be a little bit confusing. No worries! I am going to explain!

This is a Teenie Beanie Baby. We got this little guy when we went through McDonalds yesterday.
The story to this is...
Chloe loves to chew ANYTHING. She's good at it too. All the toys we got from pet stores always ended up torn up and un-fluffed (meaning all of the stuffing had been ripped out) But our Chloe prefers stuffed animal toys than the hard rubber ones. One day my mom was cleaning and found an old McDonalds toy. She gave it to Chloe, who LOVED it. It took her a few months to even rip it a little bit, when the expensive pet store toys would be gone within the first week.
So yesterday when we saw the sign for those little toys, we thought that Chloe could use a new toy, we even got excited. Isn't that Pathetic?
Anyway, when Chloe saw this new toy, she went crazy. She took it everywhere with her. So cute!



Tamara Jansen said...

I just love those teenie beanie babies.....the kids used to collect them :)

Anonymous said...

That is funny and cute! I've heard that baby toys word really well for dogs too. :)