Thursday, December 10, 2009

Been Busy!

Haha, I was looking for a random picture to put here. I found one! I love this lil' guy!
Anyway... :)
I've been pretty busy going places and doing different stuff.
I've also been baking a lot. Cookies, mini pumpkin cheesecakes, all sorts of stuff! I love it!
We got some snow last week and Mikey and I went out in it for a while, unfortunately it didn't stick around for long. Oh well, I'm sure more will come.
I've also been preparing for Christmas a tiny bit, but we still don't have a tree! Yikes! Maybe tomorrow. I hope so!!!

So yeah, that's what's happening with me... I thought I'd do a quick post to keep you updated. So here it is, Ta-da!

Til' Later,


Anonymous said...

I hope you get your tree!
Glad to see you didn't forget your blog... :)

Emily said...

That snow was fun:) I hope we get a lot more!