Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I've been pretty busy lately (very very good thing)! Doing all sorts of stuff. A few days ago my mom, Jonathan and I went to the mall in search of some "formal attire" for Jonathan. I looked at stuff that interests me while they did this, seeing that I'm easily distracted/bored/uninterested, that was fun. I took the picture of my feet while I waited for Jonathan to try something on or something, that's what the picture has to do with this in case you wondering.
I had a good time with my friends Emma and Lindsay over at Creekside Cottage and everyone on Monday-Tuesday, thanks Mrs. Rabe! This morning I went to help with little children at a bible study for women, this really helps the ladies that go to the study, knowing that their children/grandchildren are having a good time and learning about Jesus. In about an hour Mikey and I will be leaving to go roller blading as we do every Wednesday (or almost...) We both really enjoy it, not to mention a cappuccino or some other thing afterwards. Stuff. Fun stuff. Love it!! Unfortunately, more snow is coming. Sorry but I'm ready for summer.

Til' Later,

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Emily said...

Roller blading is so much fun! Lindsay and I will have to go again...soon:-D Hope you have a good time being snowed in...with all the snow:-(

Hope to see you soon!