Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Spring? Is that you?

The weather has been pretty nice lately, good for going on walks and... other stuff. It's just nice to be outside in general. Too bad I have a cold, that's ruining it just a bit :o( Oh well, I haven't felt completely horrible when I woke up yet so maybe I can fight it off without getting a really big deal of it, I sure hope so!!
Anyway, like I was saying... I can't wait for spring, when I can go outside in a T-shirt, shorts, and flip flops (or is that summer?) well, whenever the time is that I can do that, that's what I can't wait for!!! Soon we'll be seeing some of these...

Wow seeing that picture makes me happy!!
So does this one, not because it's a good picture, because 1. I have a frozen latte' which ever since a week or two ago, I dream about the thing daily (yes I am crazy!!) and 2. Because this day was AWESOME! It was so fun, we took my friends along to see the premier of "Joseph" at sight and sound and had SUCH a good time!!

So yeah that was me rambling on about whats been on my mind, which is kind of fogged up because of this annoying cold, but like I said: At least it's not absolutely awful!!

Til' Later!!

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Emily said...

Chelsea, I love your random posts! Keep 'em up;-)