Monday, August 2, 2010


There is an awesome car for sale along a road that we go on regularly, so we keep passing it, and I LOVE it! It's sooooo cute! So recently, my mom, dad, and I have been going out for coffee on Saturday evenings, and so when we went this past Saturday I asked if we could stop and look at it, and we did! My mom got pictures...
Me, pleading for my car :)
Come on, though! Is it not incredibly cute? I love this car!

Okay and on a different note (a REALLY different note...)
We had a meal on Sunday after church and I wanted to try something I've never tried before,and so I made a chocolate mousse torte. I figured, how can you possibly go wrong with chocolate mousse anything? It's mystery to me :) 
It turned out well and disappeared fast! :)

Til' Later!


Emily said...

LOVE the car! I saw a red one just like that earlier! Tell your mom it would be have the yellow, I'll have the red:-D

DoanLegacy said...

I hope you will get the car, because it's very pretty!

Anonymous said...

The car is groovy! I love that color yellow on cars, although I'm not sure why. :)
The torte looks good too!

Kelly said...

I think you would look so cute driving that car! What a bummer you didn't get it.

And your chocolate mousse torte -- delicious, just like everything else you make! You've got a talent, girl!