Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Our family is going on another vacation, we're leaving on Sunday. We are going to Williamsburg, Virginia... My Grandma and I have been working on a dress, it is green with two pieces of lace spread out a little bit in the middle of the top of the dress, in between the two pieces of lace there are four buttons! It's so pretty! We're going to Williamsburg for a home school day but we're going to be there for 2 whole days and two halves, I guess. I KNOW it will be fun, every time we go there I love it. We didn't really go on any vacations this summer so I suppose that's why we're going on two now. I certainly don't mind! When we're in Williamsburg we plan to go to a beach, and two museum's I really like going to all of those places (which of course means that I've been to those places before) but, hey why not go again if I like it that much?, our whole family does!
We will come back on Wednesday so that we can be there on Thursday when co-op (home school group) starts. I can't wait for that either, I love to see all my friends there every Thursday (for ten weeks, that is) I alway's have fun at co-op with my friends, though... because I moved up from 4th-6th Grade classes to 7th and up I won't get to be with ALL of my friends. Oh well, I'll still have fun with the ones that moved up with me (though I will miss all my other friends too)

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