Friday, November 16, 2007

Chapter 3

Don't worry, I'm not going to write a whole book with nothing else in between chapters. My next post will be something different before I write another chapter.

Chapter 3
When the two girls woke up, they decided what to have for breakfast, it took awhile but they finally settled on eggs, bacon, and toast (because that was about all Paige could make for breakfast)
“Unless you want cereal” Paige had said while they were deciding. “No thanks” Julia had said.
“What time are you supposed to be home?” Paige asked as they were eating.
“No time limit, they said they’d call when they wanted me home” said Julia
“Cool” said Paige.
“Are you done?” Paige asked
“ummm… yeah” said Julia “are you sure Paige asked
“Yup” was Julia’s happy answer

A little later Brooke called, she wanted to know if Julia and Paige could go up to her house, they checked to make sure they could and then they told Brooke that they’d be up in a few minutes. They walked up the big hill to Brooke’s house after waiting for the rain to calm down a little. When they got there they knocked on the door and Brooke opened it quickly. “Hi!” Julia and Paige said “hi!” said Brooke. They went inside and worked on stuff for Friends of Faith.
Then they went downstairs and played dolls. After that they did makeovers, while Paige got her makeover, Julia looked out the window and said “it’s raining again…really hard” then she smiled and said “cool!” they all laughed and played some more. Soon Julia had to leave, and so did Paige, so they called their parents to pick them up. When Paige walked into the house Jon looked at her and said “why is she back?” There was no answer so he just went back downstairs to watch his Saturday cartoons. Paige went into her room and drew a picture of a pretty garden then she got a book and read for awhile, but then she got a phone call…it was Hope.
“Hi!” said Paige
“Hi” said Hope
“Is something wrong?” Paige asked
“Kind of, I really need a date for the next meeting” said Hope
“Oh, when are you available next month?” asked Paige
“December 13” said Hope
“Okay, let me check with everyone else, then I’ll call you back okay?” said Paige
“Sure” said Hope
“See ya” Paige said happily
“Bye” said Hope.

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