Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Story - Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

About an hour later the three girls got tired of Monopoly, and Brooke had to leave anyway… she called her mom, so that she wouldn’t have to walk up to her house in the rain. When her mom came to pick her up they all said their goodbyes and she left, which meant that Paige and Julia were left with nothing to do but talk about what they wanted to do.

“I’m bored” said Paige “okay, that’s like the millionth time you’ve said that!” said Julia “yeah, and that’s like, the millionth time you’ve exaggerated about it” said Paige.

“Do you want to make cookies?” Paige changed the subject. “What kind?” asked Julia “chocolate chip” said Paige “then yes, I would like that very much” said Julia. “You don’t care about making them you just want to eat them!” said Paige “so what?” said Julia “come on let’s go” said Paige.

A half hour later the cookies went into the oven, and pretty soon the house smelled good.

“What smells good?” said Jon investigating the smell, by now his weird show was over and he and Mike were downstairs playing video games. So Paige and Julia had taken complete control of the TV. They watched home makeover shows until the cookies were done. Then they happily munched away, 2 for each of them, with a glass of milk close by. Jon came by again, and took the biggest cookie. Paige just mumbled “isn’t that just like him” Julia giggled. “Do you have any cupcake mix?” asked Julia “are you kidding? Those cookies were big, you’ll survive.

“Let’s get into our pajamas!” said Julia “yeah!” said Paige. Julia got into her butterfly PJ’s in Paige’s room, while Paige got her animal print ones on in the bathroom. Then they had a pajama fashion show (Julia won) and then they pulled out a movie, they watched half of it before Paige’s mom told them to turn it off and go to bed, she told them they could whisper to each other until 10:00 PM which was fifteen minutes. They got themselves settled on the living room floor after an endless fight for Paige’s bed, which obviously neither of them got to sleep on anyway. After their fifteen minutes of giggling they finally went to sleep.

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