Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Bowling buddies

I know if you read my mom's blog "Hospitality Lane" You've probably already seen my mom's bowling buddies, but not mine, I enjoy seeing my friends there too, of course!
I love going and seeing them and talking to them and stuff.

this is my friend, Kristen and I, we usually bowl together (lane 9 or 10, to be exact) but anyway... yeah,

This is Sarah, one of my little friends who Kristen and I play tag with after bowling (don't ask)

and finally Rachel my other little friend,
she plays tag too, (still don't ask)

well now you've seen who I see on Tuesdays.
(I see other people there too, but you know)



Anonymous said...
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Mrs. Rabe said...


As mom to two of your bowling buddies, I have to say that they really like hanging out with you and Kristen!

Thanks for doing stuff with them!