Tuesday, February 19, 2008

"Good" Morning

This morning my brother, Jonathan woke me up....yeah I know....ahhh.
I was sleeping really well, my big fuzzy blanket keeping me and my little dog, Chloe all warm. (I'm pretty sure Chloe was having a nice sleep too) when my door burst open and Jonathan shouted "blah, blah blah GET UP!" (I only did blah,blah,blah because I was to shocked to hear what he said before "GET UP"

Today we are going bowling with people from co-op,
(I don't know how many until we get there)
but I do know my friend, Kristen, will be coming so I'll have pictures later today or tomorrow morning...(hope that I don't sleep in and get woken up again!)


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Mrs. Rabe said...

See you at bowling, my friend!