Saturday, March 15, 2008

So Much Better!!!

I'm feeling a whole lot better after getting over that horrible flu which I caught anyway even though I had really hoped I wouldn't. It came in and made itself at home!!! which stinks if you know what I mean. I saw soooo many episodes of SpongeBob I thought I would explode!!!

But anyway...
The weather is still pretty nice, It's a little chilly right now but I was out there.
I was on my pogo stick, which I fell off because I havn't jumped on it since last fall!!! Hopefully I'll get back into it and not fall every time I try! It is pretty windy out there though, it could have blown me over.

Today my Mom, my Dad, and I went out for Brunch I guess you could call it.
It was yummy, I had really strange plates of things but anyway...
after that we went to The Home Depot (BLAH!) and got something for Jonathan's room.
And then we came home, and now we're here.

Til Later,

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SweetAnnee said...

Hi Chelsea..Glad you're feeling better..we were both sick here too..
Glad it's OVER!!

smiles, your friend, Deena