Monday, March 31, 2008

A Celebration

Yesterday we had a ton of people from our church at our house,
it was crowded but fun. The reason everybody was over was because we were celebrating my brother, Jonathan's birthday... and he wanted his birthday dinner to be basically another Thanksgiving dinner SO we had.......

Turkey, mashed potatoes, salad, corn, stuffing.... oh it was yummy.
Oh, and we had an interesting desert with peanut butter cookie stuff on the bottom brownies in the middle and cheesecake stuff on top served with or without ice cream.

Jonathan got a Shrek 3 chess game, which I can imagine I will be losing later...(but I always do anyway, so it's good) we always play chess every time we go to the library... and Jonathan's good, really good.

Til Later,

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SweetAnnee said...

Oh that sounds like a great birthday dinner..and the desert sounds yummy. Did you help??

and maybe just once, you can win in chess!!!

hugs, your friend, Deena