Sunday, November 9, 2008

A Fun Last Day of Work

Ummmm....Becky K. Here....I was supposed to post this some time ago...
Sorry Chelsea. I always preview Chelsea's posts and then post them.
Somehow I missed this one.
Well, enjoy...

Yup! Yesterday was finally the day, the day that the entertainment farm that I work for closed for the season! And did we ever have fun. I was working at the **don't laugh** condiment table, and my friend was working in the kitchen at the cash register. The condiment table is right next to the kitchen and there is a little window right next to the cash register. Yesterday was pretty slow, so we talked while at each of our positions, it was cool. The next nice thing that happened was, because we weren't busy my friend, her sister, and I got done with work EARLY! Earlier when I had been talking with my friend she told me that she, her sister, and 2 other friends would be going through a "flashlight maze" (at the farm there is a huge maze made in the corn field) so she invited my brother and I to go along. I called my mom and it worked out!

So the deal with the "flashlight maze" is you go in the maze after dark with a flashlight of course, and you have to find your way out. That is what we did. Eventually we got out, and immediatly went for hot chocolate, after that we got on a "hay ride" which is actually a great big wagon that takes you all around the farm (no hay involved). We went on that and then went home, we had a great time!

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