Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Interesting facts about books... and me.

This has been going around but I thought it might be fun. I have to put down 7 facts about books and me, only I have to put them together. Let's see how this goes.

1. I've always loved to read, I also love to write. When I read something I not only pay attention to the story, but how exactly it is written. I've seen PLENTY of different techniques by now and I've tried to combine them. I hope to be an author someday.

2. One of my favorite author's name is Nancy Rue. That's just funny because it sounds so much like Nancy Drew. I was watching a little video with Nancy Rue in it and she said she used to LOVE to read Nancy Drew, so she thought it was totally funny when she got married and her last name was Rue.
Nancy Rue write's GREAT books for girls my age and under, like the "sophie series" (which I just finished reading for the second time) and the "Lily Series" (which I read last year-this year)

3. My mom says she wants me to read different authors, but I like the one's I'm already reading. Here lies the problem. I don't want to read different authors but I guess I'll just have to try. How else will I ever find out if I like different books or not. My friend keeps pushing me to read "the Christy Miller series" I might have to try that.

4. Unlike my mom at Hospitality Lane, I strongly dislike reading out loud but sometimes I read a verse or two out loud at bible study. I'm working on it.

5. I like to read odds and endsy stuff too. My mom read "Sutter's Cross" out loud to us last year (I think it was last year) anyway. I LOVED IT! Oh that is a wonderful book! She also read the books "Airborn" and "Skybreaker" which are 2 in the same series. They're really good too.

6. Because I read a lot I'm really good at spelling! Yesterday I got 32 out of 35 words right! I really do get a lot out of reading.

7. This year I read the "Friends for a season" series. Those are good too. I loved them and got much enjoyment out of them. I thought it was really cool that there were only 4 books because there are only 4 seasons. Each book was in a different season. that's really neat.

So if you liked this you should do one yourself! If you want too, than I TAG YOU!!!

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