Saturday, September 19, 2009

Apple Pie

I rarely make pies, but it was chilly today and it made me think of autumn, which makes me think of apple pie :)
Leave it to me to see seasons as different baked items, fortunately, that is not the only thing I see them as.
If I did it would be like this.
Spring- Cupcakes
Summer- Strawberry Shortcake
Autumn- Apple Pie
Winter- Sugar Cookies
We're going to skip ahead to the fun part, assembling the pie(s) I only took pictures of one before it was baked.

Do you see this? YUM!
We did one with a flakey crust and one with a crumble topping, the one with crumble topping was bubbling over in the oven (which made my funny mind think "My pie bubbleth over" lol) but when I tried to put a cookie sheet under it and settle the other one in such a way, I burnt my hand! OUCH!

Eventually the pies came out of the oven, and they were looking good!
Look for yourself:

You may have noticed a blob of crust on the front, before the pie went into the oven that was a pretty heart, unfortunately it didn't turn out. My mom said that it is a broken heart :)
This is the one with the crumble topping. Mmmm...

So, that is what I did today!

Til' Later,


Mrs.Rabe said...

Are you saving one for tomorrow? They look awesome!

I like pumpkin stuff in the fall, and apple dumplings!

Carol said...

Your pie looks yummy! Great job! It puts me in the mood for Autumn baking.


Persuaded said...

I knew it was a heart right away, my dear♥

I want to upload a piece of that crumble top pie... any idea on how I can manage that? ;)

Anonymous said...

Mmm... Can you send me a piece? :) (Just kidding)
That looks sooo good!


SmilingSally said...


Anonymous said...

I love to make pie! The last one I made was REALLY ugly but yours are beautiful.(I wouldn't mind my hideous pie so much except I had to take it to prayer-meeting.That was rather embarassing!)

I LOVE the heart,I'll have to try thatsome time Happy pie-making,
Allison(Julianne's littel sister. And, yes,I do bake for her. A lot. She really does love pie. Sigh, may be I will have to tell her to make some!)

KJ said...

This looks WONDROUS!!!

I'm having an AUTUMN TEA GIVEAWAY! Stop by when you have a moment!

Hugs, KJ

Kelly said...

These pies look delicious, and I heard good things about them. Is it true they had caramel in them? Would you be willing to share the recipe?