Thursday, November 25, 2010

In loving memory...

A while ago, there was a family night at church. Woo hoo. Yes. I know. Anyway!!! My friend, Emma was working that night and so when it was time for her to be done, Lindsay and I headed out to pick her up and bring her back for the short remainder of the family night. We got there a little early (or maybe Emma was late, hmmm???) and so we were just poking around when all of the sudden "Chelsea, look at the little Joseph!" The little what? The little Joseph.
ah-hem. Please direct your attention to the adorableness I hold in the picture below. It was taken a few minutes after the "Chelsea, look at the little Joseph"
            I was in awe of his amazing cuteness. Who wouldn't be? He was the best Joseph ever. Really.
Joseph in Paris.
I made this video of Joseph as well as others, but I like this one :)

Unfortunately, we have an evil dog. The evil dog found Joseph and saw him as a wonderful chew toy :-(
And so now, I am very sad. VERY SAD.
I've been told that there will be another Joseph but I don't know if it'll ever be the same again. :(

;-) Chels!!

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Emma* said...

HAHA! I just realized that I never commented on this awesome video! I love it! lol. Was this still Joseph the first?