Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas time!!

It's getting super cold outside! Brrrrrr... and it's only 4 days until Christmas, and 3 until Christmas Eve. Which may be just as fun. So this week is supposed to be amazingly fun. Starting last night. My brother, Jonathan and I stayed up waiting for the lunar eclipse... well, we tried. I went to bed at 1:30AM, and fell asleep somewhere around 2:00. But none the less, we had fun finishing my gingerbread house. Which I had been working on forevah!! And now it's finally done!
Today, so far I've done school, played the wii :), practiced "it came upon the midnight clear" which my friend, Emma from "A Fresh Perspective" and I will be singing on at the Christmas Eve service at church .... *gulp* Annnd I've done more school and made COOKIES!! I'd always wanted to try these cookies...

Peanut Butter Kiss cookies. I don't know why I never did before, they're reaalllllllyyyyyyy easy. But somehow I haven't tried it until now. My other brother, Mikey came home for lunch (I was like "what the world"..) but when he saw them He said "Those look delicious" or something like that, so, SCORE! Haha!
I also am working today but that's okay, because I like my job :) Hopefully there won't be too much CC (Christmas Crankiness) going on ;-)

Tomorrow we will be going Christmas caroling with the church, that should be fun, too!
On Thursday my Aunt and Uncle are coming, and Friday is Christmas Eve!!! Jonathan and I have been planning a little, and we're thinking that after the Christmas Eve service has been attended, and stockings have been rooted through, it will be fun to watch one scary movie, and one funny movie, and then it will be Christmas! But we're not going to stay up all night, like I said, we already tried that and failed. :) Nope, my big brutherrrs are supposed to wake me up at 6 on Christmas morning so that we can watch cartoons and play wii until present time. Okay. I am officially excited. I sure hope they don't sleep in and forget! Haha!

(This is me and my friend, Mindy on Sunday. I've known her for forever, and she's been coming to church every week for a while and it makes me happpyyy!! I love having so many friends at church!!!)
Ho-ho-ho! Merrrrry Christmas, lol.



Anonymous said...

Yay! You're back! :) :)
I remember Mindy! That's cool that she's been coming to your church.
Some friends of ours told us about the lunar eclipse, (that it was supposed to happen), but I didn't feel like getting up for it last night. lol
Merry Christmas! (Sounds like it will be.)

Emma* said...

Ok, let's start at the top...
Awesome header!! I LOVE that...flower..thing;-)
The house looks wonderful!
Good lookin cookies!
Fun sounding plan...

I think I covered everything;-)

See ya tomorrow!!