Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Another Night of VBS

Tonight's VBS went really well too.
Everyone had a good time though, one of my good friends couldn't go...but my other friend did. I always have fun at VBS! We continued on our craft putting ribbon on them to make it look REALLY cool! We didn't have a game tonight, but it was still fun! we watched the puppet show (which was really funny!) We sang songs, ate our snack.

Tonight's Fruit of the spirit was J-O-Y! and strawberries were the example and snack.

I'm happy that most of the kids from our neighborhood are coming! I think they really enjoy it too!

We learned that JOY is a thoughtful way of saying

put Jesus first
put Others second
put Yourself last.

cool, huh?
I certainly think so!

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Chelsea K.

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