Saturday, July 21, 2007

Its About Friends

It's about Friends with us!

We're 5 girls that are always having fun! (when we're together, that is)
you might want to know how we came up with our group, huh?
My two friends and I had tried to have many different types of groups before, we had tried Dancing, Making movies, and a ton of different things before those! But then we came up with a whole new idea!
it was called "Gods Girlz" standing for

But then after some adjustments we became the "Friends Of Faith"
And we spent much time working on things for that, and we had fun meetings (no matter how many of us were there!)
Then the name changed to "it's about friends" and Ta-Da! that's what it is
(at least, for now it is)


We've done some pretty fun stuff this summer!
and not just in the group, but just my family and I!
Lately We've been going bowling almost every Tuesday with some of our friends from our home school group...yeah, I haven't mentioned that yet have I? In the fall,winter, and spring my mom home school's my two brothers and I. And we also go to an AWESOME home school group
(which is where I found most of my friends and two members of "it's about friends"!) We have lots of fun there.

Sometimes our family likes to have "Family nights" just doing stuff like playing mini golf or going out to eat or even just staying home and watching movies together! But my personal favorite is when we get
pizza, cookies, other junk foods, and movies, and then we stay a night at a hotel (But we haven't done it in like, forever!) The first time we did it was a time when we were headed somewhere for vacation and a BIG storm hit...while we were driving! so we pulled into a hotel, after awhile the storm got a little less dangerous and we went to a local pizza shop and got pizza and stuff, then we rented movies and back to the hotel we went! We had a great time that night, and so it became one of my favorite things to do!
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Chelsea K


Mrs. Rabe said...

Hey Chelsea,

That sounds like fun! I like the name Friends of Faith! I am glad that you have friends who help you walk with the Lord!

Go Girls!

haley said...

Hey Chels, I can't wait for our next meeting.I love our new group,I'm really excited to see what our theme song is!!! See ya.

kara&jack's mom said...

I am so proud of you and your blog. You are such a good friend and role model to Kara.... I think it is awesome you girls are so excited about doing things for the Lord! He is surely proud of you girls! Please let me know if I can help in any way and, in the meantime, keep shining for Jesus!
Judy Richards