Sunday, July 29, 2007


We have been dog sitting our neighbors dog since Saturday morning, and they have a pool, so yesterday we let their dog out to the back yard while we went swimming, and we had a GREAT time, I like their dog a lot and I love to swim! then yesterday evening we went back and swam with the pool lights on, but when I let my brother use my goggles...he wasn't giving them back, so I said "give me my goggles NOW" about a hundred times, and he still wouldn't give them back (not like that's a surprise or anything) but it drove me C-R-A-Z-Y!
Today we took the boys to camp for the week so I won't be experiencing anything like this for awhile. I always like this time of year when they go to camp so that I can have a good time with my parents.

I've had a great time with the neighbor's dog, because like I said, I really like her.

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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

It's About friends theme song!

Today one of my friends and I thought of a theme song for "Friends Of Faith" it has the same tune as "The Adams Family" theme song

here's our Theme song:

We're Friendly and we're Faithful,
We're Really not that Graceful,
Our friendships last forever,

We play around like bunnies,
We like to think we're funny,
We're happy and we're Jumpy,

Our hair is smooth and shiny,
our friendship isn't tiny,
Our lines are always ryming,

Why are we still singing?
My ears are really ringing!
Would someone stop the Stinging,

I personally really like it, and I hope you do too!
We'll still probably work on it but hey, we have a good start, right?

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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Another Night of VBS

Tonight's VBS went really well too.
Everyone had a good time though, one of my good friends couldn't go...but my other friend did. I always have fun at VBS! We continued on our craft putting ribbon on them to make it look REALLY cool! We didn't have a game tonight, but it was still fun! we watched the puppet show (which was really funny!) We sang songs, ate our snack.

Tonight's Fruit of the spirit was J-O-Y! and strawberries were the example and snack.

I'm happy that most of the kids from our neighborhood are coming! I think they really enjoy it too!

We learned that JOY is a thoughtful way of saying

put Jesus first
put Others second
put Yourself last.

cool, huh?
I certainly think so!

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Monday, July 23, 2007


We went to vacation bible school earlier, and it was G-R-E-A-T! We had a lesson, a craft, a game, and a snack! My friends and I especially enjoyed frisbee for the much that we played it again when VBS was over for the night and everyone was cleaning up. we're doing a multiple-day craft which is a nice little bulletin board, we got to choose our fabrics and everything! It will be very cool when it's done. The theme is "The fruits of the spirit". Tonight's fruit was LOVE and the snack and example was an apple. I really enjoyed the game, I hope we do another really fun one next!

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You are what you eat

Today we went grocery shopping (which is something that needs to be done A LOT in our house!) We got lots of different kinds of things, including stuff to make one of my latest favorite foods, TACO'S! We found lots of things that I like...Fried chicken, cookies, to bad we didn't get salad (I LOVE salad). We didn't get watermelon either...oh well. My mom was acting really happy...though I don't know why. While we were checking out, another mother and daughter came up in line behind us and started putting their stuff on the counter thing because we were almost done my mom got confused when she saw the other peoples milk and said "Is that our milk?" after it was confirmed that our milk was already in the cart we started to leave but the bagging man stopped us and gave us our meat, after that we headed out to the van and started loading things up the bagging man came out and said "Here's your ice cream" while giving my mom the bag with our ice cream in it, "I'll just wait here until you're done loading so that I can take your cart, okay?" said the man. We finally got home (hopefully, with all of the things we bought) we unloaded and went inside and I ate my fried chicken.

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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Its About Friends

It's about Friends with us!

We're 5 girls that are always having fun! (when we're together, that is)
you might want to know how we came up with our group, huh?
My two friends and I had tried to have many different types of groups before, we had tried Dancing, Making movies, and a ton of different things before those! But then we came up with a whole new idea!
it was called "Gods Girlz" standing for

But then after some adjustments we became the "Friends Of Faith"
And we spent much time working on things for that, and we had fun meetings (no matter how many of us were there!)
Then the name changed to "it's about friends" and Ta-Da! that's what it is
(at least, for now it is)


We've done some pretty fun stuff this summer!
and not just in the group, but just my family and I!
Lately We've been going bowling almost every Tuesday with some of our friends from our home school group...yeah, I haven't mentioned that yet have I? In the fall,winter, and spring my mom home school's my two brothers and I. And we also go to an AWESOME home school group
(which is where I found most of my friends and two members of "it's about friends"!) We have lots of fun there.

Sometimes our family likes to have "Family nights" just doing stuff like playing mini golf or going out to eat or even just staying home and watching movies together! But my personal favorite is when we get
pizza, cookies, other junk foods, and movies, and then we stay a night at a hotel (But we haven't done it in like, forever!) The first time we did it was a time when we were headed somewhere for vacation and a BIG storm hit...while we were driving! so we pulled into a hotel, after awhile the storm got a little less dangerous and we went to a local pizza shop and got pizza and stuff, then we rented movies and back to the hotel we went! We had a great time that night, and so it became one of my favorite things to do!
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