Wednesday, April 9, 2008

We Remember Sally

You've seen many pictures of Chloe and Kimmy, our dogs that we got last year, but I don't think you know about Sally yet, do you? Sally was our loving, wonderful, all around great dog! She was the one we had before Kimmy and Chloe. Our whole family loved her SO much. She was one of those 1# dogs that rarely come around (though, I have to say Chloe's getting there) but, Chloe hasn't reached the Sally level yet.
Sally was a Siberian Husky, and she was adorable. We got her one day a LONG time ago when we were going to pick up my brother from our grandparents house when we stopped at "Pet Smart" to get cat food, as we walked through the door there were a TON of dogs and I saw many I liked but we saw Sally and asked if we could take her out on a walk (I was little so I don't remember all the details) but anyway we loved her the day we met her and we never even got the cat food, just Sally. As you can imagine my brother Mikey was very surprised that day when we showed up with a dog.
(And he hadn't been happy that day because he had gone to McDonald's and the people gave him a girls toy or something like that). SO that day we were very happy that day and we were most of the time we had her she was a wonderful dog!

These pictures all show her tied even though she really lived inside with us...if she was out, though, she had to be tied because she loved to run away for a few days!

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SweetAnnee said...

I am sad for you.
I'll pray you're not sad!!