Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy new year!!!

Wow. simply wow.
I can't believe that it is New Years Eve already! Didn't we JUST have New Years?
And yet here we are again. It amazes me...
But it has been a great year, as far as I'm concerned.

Let's review.

LAST new years eve, I went to Longwood Gardens for the first time. Since, our family has gone back many times, enjoying every visit.

And who could forget the adorable Chloe-in-a-bag?
Too cute!

I enjoyed many riding lessons with Lindsay (from Creekside Cottage)
Thanks Lindsay!

This year I had lots of fun with the camera, I love doing photography!

I also really love to make chocolates, bake, and cook.

I won't forget some of the experiences that I've had this year... such as a summer job, and baby sitting for friends.

All of the fun (and nerves) of the Thanksgiving concert for homeschool group will not be forgotten either.

A great and tasty Thanksgiving.

Fun times with silly friends were around this year, and I hope they'll be back next year.

Our family relaxed and enjoyed eachother on our trip to the mountains.

And of course a wonderful Christmas was spent cozy at home with family.

And to think, these are only SOME of the things that this year brought.
so long 2008, it's been fun.
Now get ready for 2009!
here we go!

Til Later,

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