Saturday, December 20, 2008

I've been tagged!!!

My mom tagged me with this...thing!
Alright, I have to

*Go to the sixth folder in "my pictures"
*Find the sixth picture in the sixth folder
*Pray that I remember what it is about(?)
*Blog about it
*Tag six people to do this too!

Here it goes...
I found Chloe!

This is simple...
Of course, you all know that this is my "puppy" who always seems to be sleeping.
That's what she's doing here! You have no idea how many picture's we have of this lil' puppy sleeping. It seems to be what she does best.
Sorry, no big story about this one... just a sleepy pup.

I really have no idea who to tag...
so if you'd like to do this, go ahead, and enjoy!


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