Friday, December 5, 2008

I love to knit!!!

You have to see what I've been working on this week!!!
Yesterday I went to the store and got two new pairs of knitting needles, I got a size 15, and a circular one. The size 15 is big, I love it!

Here is a scarf that I am making for "the mitten tree" that is a group that gives out scarves, hats, mittens, and gloves to kids who need them.

It's not done yet, but it's getting there.

And just last night I started working on a tiny little blankee... or something. I have no idea what it is yet but I think it will be a blankee.
here it is.

I love it!
Knitting is SO great!

Til' Later,


Becky K. said...

Mommy here! You make me very proud, girl! I love that your heart opened wide for the children who need so much all around us!

I love that you decided to do these things with no prompting from any adult! You rock, sweet girl!

Your Mommy

Mrs. Rabe said...


You are doing great with your knitting!

I have decided that one day soon I am going to have a knitting party during the day! Tea, snacks, knitting or some kind of hand work etc... won't that be fun?

Mrs. Rabe