Friday, April 8, 2011

Funny Faces

Yeah I know... it's been a while. I do apologize, again. :( Try to keep this quiet, but I may not be the best blogger in the world. SHOCKING! I know! ;)
Anyway! A while ago I was taking some goofy pictures to send to someone to make them smile :)
so whether you smile at these, laugh at them, or run away as fast as you possibly can... here they are!

Yes, they are freaky! I agree!!

So in other news, I have six more books to read for school and I have to finish my ten page report, and do some other odsy-endsy things, and then soon enough! BAM! Graduation will be here! YES!! :-D

Hopefully I'll post again soon :-) Thank you for still reading this, o faithful ones.



Shug said...

Cute Post...and you are so right, time is passing by so fast and yes, graduation time will be here soon..
Enjoyed the photos...hope they made your freind smile..

~PJ said...

I laughed :) we have an entire file of T and I making crazy faces... it's kind of what we do! Runs in the family I guess ;)

Emma* said...

:-D Those faces would make ANYONE smile!

I'd say post more often, but I'm not really one to talk:-p

see ya tomorrow!

Gayla said...

Adorable!!! I can tell you were having a blast!~

Anonymous said...

Hahaham phrase! I haven't checked your blog in sooooo long. I'm sorry. I laughed at the "O faithful ones" :)
But I'm reading it now, and that's what counts, right? :)