Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I feel like a blogger.

First of all, you MAY have noticed my blog name is no longer "It's about Friends" ya see, I've always been one that likes change, and I was really getting sick of the other name. While I was thinking of carrot-like names for something, I randomly thought "that's the way the carrot crumbles" and I thought it was cute, so I changed my blog name to that... since my nickname is Carrot and all.

And so now the title of this post MIGHT have made you think "Chelsea feels like a blogger? How is this?" Yes, I know. I have failed to post regularly, and make a pretty lousy excuse for a "blogger" buuuuut! I recently tried something that made me think "I could blog about this!" Dearest friends, I have never had that thought in. my. life. But I did, and now I feel like a blogger. Special moment? I think yes. In fact now that I've started rambling, I'm thinking of all sorts of things I could tell you about!
The main one being (fear not!) Naked Fruit Juice. It's a BRAND, okay? In my opinion, a very poor choice of brand name, but it is what it is.
Anyway, this stuff is awesome. (This is the flavor I had, too) Ya see, we were watching the Food Network program "Unwrapped" and they showed how this stuff is made. I was interested to find that it's pretty much just fruit. There's no sugar or syrups or nastiness. So I wanted to know how it tasted. Coincidentally, the next day we were at the grocery store, and guess what I spotted? That's right! Wait, a monkey? no. What I saw was this juice and my wonderful mother allowed me to get one. And I think I may now be a juiciholic. ---Let it be known, just because I'm also a juiciholic does NOT mean that I'm giving up coffee! I still hafta have that at least 5 times weekly ;-)---

Well! I think I've gone on about a random subject for long enough now! Who knows, maybe now that I've felt like an official blogger, it'll stick. ...maybe. :)



~PJ said...

Invest in a juicer... make your own :) You control what goes into the juice and into you... T and I used to do it in Florida and we absolutely loved our fresh juice. Just do your research as some of those juicers are HORRIBLE to clean out afterwards!

Annesphamily said...

I love my juicer. We have a Jack LaLanne and a Monte Williams Living Well. They are both excellent. I am planning to use them full force this summer. Becky you are the every best.

Anonymous said...

I love the new name. It's cute. (But I must admit that it threw me for a loop when I was searching for your blog.)
The juice sounds really good! And it sounds like a summer-y drink. Just like iced cappucinos. :)

Kelly said...

Ooh, I'm going to have to look for this juice and try some. Or maybe, I'll take PJ's advice and check out the price of a juicer. Then again, maybe I'll try that juice and then check out a juicer.