Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I am now 14!

July 6th was my birthday but we celebrated the whole week (I made sure of that, haha).
There was lots of good food, presents (YAY!), and fireworks. I love having my birthday that week, by the way.
But shall we go back to the presents?

These little Egg themed kitchen tools are adorable!I got 3 new things for my collection.
In my whole collection I have...
An egg-making pan, this works excellently for it's purpose. I love to make breakfast using this. A new egg cutting board, an egg whisk (perfect for making scrambled eggs), An egg "Toast-Grabber", a new egg timer, and a new egg slicer.
I love my egg collection. :)

I am sorry this picture is blurry. It is a cute necklace that my Grandma Georgia got for me in Florida. It reminds me of our trip to Florida! Love it!

Here is a close up.

A cute denim purse.

And here it is...
The lovely new bike! I love it!
I had needed one for sooo long!

It's purple, my favorite color.

I have been riding this a lot since I got it. It's so fun. It has many gears which I am learning how to use.

I also want to thank my Aunt and Uncle for the beautiful flowers that I was so surprised to receive. They smell absolutely lovely! And of course, look gorgeous. I love the bright colors! Thanks again!

Til Later,


Emily said...

Chelsea, sounds like you have an AWESOME BIRTHDAY!!!

I hope it was FULL of fun!

Mrs.Rabe said...

I didn't know you had a collection of egg cooking got some neat things to go with it!

I am glad that your day was so special!

Kelly said...

Nice post, Chelsea. I haven't been by for a while, so I thought I'd take a quick visit. Your egg items are adorable.

xinex said...

Lovely presents! Belated Happy Birthday!...Christine

Marina Capano said...

Just beautiful post!