Saturday, July 18, 2009

Thinking on Saturday...

If you read my mom's blog, Hospitality Lane, you may have seen some "Thinking on Saturday" posts. She invited anyone to join her in this little party thing. I'd like to, but mine will most likely be different.

Things I have thought (or maybe said) today,

1. Chloe stop licking my face... Oh, wait she has to go outside.

2. OH NO!!! Eggs, please don't burn!

3. This bacon is AMAZING!

4. Jonathan, give me the remote, I don't like this one! It's too sad!


Okay, most of those things are things I said, so what is on my mind?

Mikey has been really tired... poor him!
I kind of know what that's like. He has
been working so hard at Longwood Gardens,
But he loves it!

What am I going to do today?
Ride my new bike? Play inside?
Read? Write? Take Chloe on a walk?
There are options but I do that stuff
All the time.

My hair is finally behaving, uh-oh!
That could mean it will be messy tomorrow!

I really don't have too much on my mind.
Unfortunately, that makes for a boring post. sorry!



Emily said...

HAHA! Chels! I LOVE the post. I like reading random stuff:) see ya!

Anonymous said...

I liked your post... And I completely understand the hair thing. :)